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7solution India If you’re in need of cost-effective structural drafting services, look no further than our end-to-end structural drafting drawings firm.

We are dedicated to serving structural engineers and steel construction firms with the most economical solutions available.

Our team is skilled in providing high-quality drafts that meet your exact specifications, ensuring efficiency and precision throughout the process. Trust us to deliver exceptional results while keeping your budget in mind. When it comes to sharing structural information with building contractors and architects, precise and easily understandable drafting drawings are of utmost importance. These drawings play a vital role in ensuring clear communication and avoiding any misunderstandings during the construction process. By providing accurate and concise structural drafts, you can effectively convey essential details to help bring your vision to life while maintaining accuracy and clarity every step of the way.

Our global clientele relies on us with confidence because we consistently deliver precise results. With our expertise in structural 2D drafting and 2D structural drawings, we have successfully catered to a wide range of structures time and time again.

7Solution India, our team of structural drafters, detailers, and engineers has successfully undertaken numerous diverse projects in structural drafting and structural steel detailing. We specialize in converting hand-drawn sketches, fully detailed drawings, or concepts into cost-effective, high-quality, and accurate two-dimensional representations drawings.

Our most accurate, standardized and concise structural drafting services includes:

  • Structural Drafting Services
  • Foundation Plan Drawings
  • Shallow Raft Pile Foundation
  • Roof Truss Joist Drawing
  • Structural Connection Details
  • Chimney Drafting Design
  • Structural Engineering Services

Some of the our structural drafting services projects includes:

  • Structural steel drafting
  • Pre-stressed structure drawings
  • Foundation plan drafting
  • Shallow, deep and machine foundation drafting
  • Sheet Pile foundation drafting
  • Structural layouts
  • Roof Truss and Joist details
  • Floor and Roof Framing Plan with detail sections
  • Detail erection layout with member and assembly numbering
  • Element elevations with detailed connection drawings
  • Quantity estimation with measurement sheet
  • Detail structural layouts with structural element numbering
  • Bar Bending schedule as per relevant standards
  • Tendon profile with co-ordinate for Post Tensioned slabs
  • Longitudinal section of individual element with bolt, clit, plate location and details
Structural Design Services includes
  • Concept & Detailed Structural Design
  • Setting out & formwork drawings
  • Reinforcement details & shop drawings
  • Value Engineering
  • Optimized Bar bending schedules
  • Structural Steel Design & fabrication drawings
  • As-Built drawings
  • GFC drawings & documents
  • Site coordination

Our structural drafting firms We understand the importance of flexibility when it comes to input and output formats, and we are proud to offer exactly that. Our fast turn-around times ensure that you meet your deadlines without any delays. Moreover, we specialize in providing customized project services management and delivery to meet your unique requirements.As leaders in structural drafting technologies, we stay at the forefront of industry advancements. Whether you use off-the-shelf or custom technologies, we are more than willing to adapt and work seamlessly with your preferred tools. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we strive to deliver exceptional results tailored specifically for you.

Our top priority is to deliver exceptional structural drafting and structural steel design services that meet your exact needs. With our unwavering commitment, we ensure that you receive nothing but the highest quality work. What sets us apart is our ability to offer these services at competitive prices, helping you save costs without compromising on excellence. Rest assured, we will complete your project within the agreed time constraints, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

 Contact us or send Email: info@7solutionindia.com  to experts structural draftsman is expertly-trained to deliver you maximum efficiencies with your structural drafting requirements.
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