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At 7Solution India, we pride ourselves on delivering operations that meet the highest quality standards, are completed within the specified deadlines, and offer exceptional cost-effectiveness. We have been able to establish a track record of excellence in these areas, ensuring our clients receive the best possible outcomes for their investment. At 7Solution India, we take pride in our team of skilled and experienced technocrats. With their expertise, we can confidently handle a wide range of steel framed projects, from light commercial ventures to heavy industrial undertakings. Our services include the completion of all miscellaneous stairs, handrails, grating, and plate work. Trust us to deliver exceptional results for your next project in the steel industry.

Our experienced steel detailers take the time to thoroughly understand your steel framed drawings requirements. They ask the right questions to ensure they have all the necessary information. This attention to detail ensures that your project is executed accurately and efficiently. By employing this approach, you can ensure a seamless and uninterrupted flow of communication from the beginning to the final stage of generating steel frame plans. This is crucial for maintaining efficiency and accuracy throughout the process, resulting in high-quality outputs. Our highly skilled teams successfully handle a diverse range of projects, including schools, churches, warehouses, retail centers, hospitals, office buildings, and power plants structures. We excel in executing complex and prestigious projects with tight timelines. Our ability to deliver landmark projects sets us apart in the industry.

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Some of our mostly used structural steel detailing services:

  • Steel Framed Drawings
  • Steel shop Drawings
  • Steel Bar Joist Drawings
  • Steel Assembly Drawings
  • Anchor Setting Plan
  • Steel Connection Detailing
  • Erection Drawings
  • Steel member Detail Drawings
  • Staircase Detailing Services
  • Stair Handrail Detailing Services
  • Canopy Steel Detailing
  • Carport Steel Detailing
  • Steel Grating Detailing Services
  • 3d Modeling Drawings


Since 2007, 7Solution India has been providing steel detailing drawings to engineers, contractors, steel fabricators, steel detailers, steel erectors, and construction firms. Our goal has always been to offer our clients worldwide the most cost-effective steel framed drawings that comply with industry standards. Our loyalty to our clients and dedication to their needs are unparalleled in the construction industry. We strive to provide our clients with timely and cost-effective structural steel shop drawings. We would like to take this opportunity to welcome your inquiry about our structural framing services and capabilities. We are excited to be of service to you and your organization in the near future.

Contact us or send email: info@7solutionindia.com to outsource your steel shop drawings requirement for greater quality outputs in lesser time at low costs.

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