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Unlocking Infrastructure and Construction Opportunities for Engineering Companies in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The A & N Administration places special emphasis on promoting balanced industrial growth while preserving the delicate ecology of the Islands. The Industrial Policy of the Islands focuses on promoting value-added industries that utilize locally available raw materials, thereby creating employment opportunities.

The A &N Administration’s commitment to promoting balanced industrial growth while preserving the delicate ecology of the Islands is commendable. By focusing on value-added industries that utilize locally available raw materials, the Industrial Policy of the Islands not only contributes to economic development but also creates employment opportunities for the local population.

This approach ensures that industries operating in the Islands are able to make sustainable use of resources without causing harm to the environment. By encouraging value addition, it fosters innovation and promotes skill development among workers.

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Furthermore, by utilizing locally available raw materials, it reduces dependence on imports and strengthens self-sufficiency. The emphasis on creating employment opportunities is crucial for fostering inclusive growth within the community. By providing jobs, these industries contribute to reducing unemployment rates and improving living standards for individuals and families residing in the Islands. Overall, this Industrial Policy strikes a balance between economic progress and environmental preservation. It not only supports industrial growth but also ensures that such growth is sustainable and beneficial for both socio-economic development and ecological conservation in A & N Islands.

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands present significant infrastructure and construction opportunities for engineering companies due to their geographical location, natural resources, and growing economic development.

The industrial growth in the last two decades has been hindered by logistics problems, non-availability of raw materials, and the absence of local markets. As a result, the administration has proposed various facilities and incentives to promote investment in the A & N Islands and accelerate industrial growth in the territory. For more information on the package of incentives available for small and micro enterprises in the A & N Islands, please refer to the details provided.



The Islands of Andaman and Nicobar are blessed with a rare variety of flora and fauna, exotic underwater marine life, crystal clear water, and mangrove-lined creeks. This Union Territory offers numerous opportunities for tourism, including water sports and adventure activities such as trekking, island camping, snorkeling, scuba diving, sea aquarium, water theme park, wave surfing, Marina yacht, convention center, health resorts, sanctuaries/national parks, and inter-island cruise liners. Tourism has been identified as a key sector for development in the islands. The tourism policy of A & N Islands aims to promote sustainable tourism by developing eco-friendly tourist infrastructure of international standards through collaborative efforts from both the public and private sectors. With the aim of enhancing the high-quality tourism infrastructure in the islands, the Corporation, in collaboration with the A& N Administration, has leased out the following prime beach locations to reputable companies in the hospitality sector. This partnership, established through a transparent bidding process, will not only strengthen the destination’s image and value but also contribute to the overall development of the tourism sector.

Swaraj Dweep Beach Resort Project:

The Indian Hotels Company Limited (Taj Group) has leased 18. 33 hectares of land for the development of a Beach Resort. The agreement was signed in December 2009. Taj will pay an annual lease rent of Rs. 2. 25 crore, which will be revised upward by 10% every 5 years. In addition to the lease rental, Taj will share 2% of its annual gross revenue for the first 30 years, and thereafter 3%. As part of the lease terms, 60% of the total personnel recruited will be local residents of A&N Islands, which will significantly contribute to local employment generation. Taj will be constructing luxury rooms, a specialty restaurant, banquet and meeting facilities, a health club, a spa, and a water sports facility, among others. The project will ensure that all necessary environmental clearances are obtained before construction begins. With an investment of approximately Rs. 80 crore, this project will play a significant role in promoting Andaman and Nicobar Islands as a global island destination.

Thrust Area:

The Andaman and Nicobar Administration has identified the following sectors as key areas for the overall development of the Islands:
Information Technology Enabled Services
Wooden, Shell, Cane and Bamboo handicrafts.
High value Agricultural Products
Coir and Coir based Industries
Hydro Carbon Energy/ Non conventional Energy
Shipping Sectors including Transshipment ports, Bunkering facilities & Dry Dock
Service Industry

Here are some key factors that make the islands an attractive market for engineering companies:

Strategic Location: The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are strategically located in the Bay of Bengal, serving as a gateway to Southeast Asia. This makes them an important hub for maritime trade and connectivity, creating a demand for port infrastructure, logistics facilities, and coastal development projects.

Tourism Potential: The islands are known for their pristine beaches, rich marine life, and lush greenery, making tourism a major industry. There is a growing need for the development of resorts, hotels, recreational facilities, and infrastructure to accommodate the increasing number of tourists visiting the islands.

Renewable Energy: The Andaman and Nicobar Islands have abundant renewable energy resources, including solar, wind, and tidal energy. Engineering companies can play a crucial role in the design and implementation of renewable energy projects, such as solar power plants, wind farms, and microgrids, to meet the islands’ energy requirements and reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

Transportation and Connectivity: Improving transportation and connectivity infrastructure is a priority for the islands. There are opportunities for engineering companies in the construction of roads, bridges, airports, seaports, and other transportation facilities to enhance connectivity within and beyond the islands.

Water and Sanitation: Providing access to clean water and sanitation facilities is crucial for the islands’ development. Engineering companies can contribute to the construction of water treatment plants, sewage systems, and infrastructure for efficient water management to ensure sustainable development and the well-being of the local population.

Disaster Resilience: The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are prone to natural disasters, including cyclones and earthquakes. Engineering companies can play a vital role in designing and constructing resilient infrastructure that can withstand such events, including disaster-resistant buildings, coastal protection structures, and early warning systems.

Smart City Initiatives: The islands have been included in the Smart City Mission of the Indian government. This presents opportunities for engineering companies to participate in projects related to smart infrastructure, digital connectivity, sustainable development, and efficient urban planning.

It is important for engineering companies to conduct thorough market research, understand local regulations and requirements, form strategic partnerships with local stakeholders, and consider the unique environmental and social aspects of the islands. By leveraging their expertise and experience, engineering companies can contribute to the sustainable development and growth of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

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