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Scan to BIM Services USA – Point Cloud to BIM Modeling Services USA
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Scan To BIM Services – Experience the precision and efficiency of our Scan to BIM Services. We pride ourselves on delivering highly accurate and parametric As-Built BIM Models and 2D CAD Models that vividly depict every detail of your building’s infrastructure – from pipes, walls, slabs, roof plans, facades, to landscapes. With our advanced scanning technology, you can trust us to capture even the most intricate elements with utmost accuracy.

Our data services offer different levels of documentation to cater to your specific needs. Depending on what you require, we provide Level 1 documentation which includes floor plans, Level 2 with exterior elevation and roof plans, Level 3 with sections, and Level 4 encompassing site layout plans. This ensures that you have access to the exact level of detail necessary for your projects. Thank you for considering our data services! We understand that each project has unique requirements, and we are here to cater to your specific needs.

Our documentation options are designed to provide you with the exact level of detail necessary for your projects. Starting with Level 1 documentation, we offer detailed floor plans that give you a comprehensive understanding of the layout. If you require more information on the exterior structure, Level 2 includes exterior elevation and roof plans, allowing you to visualize the overall design. For even more in-depth knowledge of the project’s internal structure, Level 3 provides sections that showcase various perspectives within the building. This can be particularly helpful if you need to analyze specific areas or understand how different elements interact. Lastly, our Level 4 documentation encompasses site layout plans. This level of detail allows you to assess how the building fits into its surrounding environment and consider factors such as access points and landscaping. By offering these different levels of documentation, we ensure that you have access to exactly what you need for your projects. Whether it’s basic floor plans or comprehensive site layouts, our data services are tailored to meet your specifications.

We specialize in the transformation of point cloud data into highly detailed 3D BIM models. These models serve a wide range of purposes, such as reconstruction, restoration, retrofitting, and refurbishment of existing structures and infrastructure. Our Point Cloud to BIM solutions are equally valuable for generating accurate as-built models or for streamlining the operation and management of facilities. With our expertise, you can confidently rely on us to deliver exceptional results for your project.

For over 16+ years, 7Solution India has been a trusted provider of Scan to BIM Services. With a team of skilled architects, engineers, and BIM professionals, we have the expertise to deliver comprehensive solutions. Our focus on technical excellence is matched by our unwavering commitment to exceptional client service. We take pride in helping our clients bring their visions to life through high-quality Scan to BIM Projects. With a quick turnaround time, we have established ourselves as one of the leading Scan to BIM Companies worldwide.

Our Point Cloud to BIM Services Include:
  • Our architectural services encompass a comprehensive range of elements, such as exterior and interior walls, doors, windows, cabinets, and more. We understand the importance of designing spaces that are both functional and visually appealing. Our team utilizes their expertise to ensure that every aspect of your architectural project is meticulously planned and executed to perfection. Whether it’s creating stunning facades or designing custom-made cabinets to maximize space utilization, we are committed to delivering exceptional results that meet your specific requirements.
  • Structural elements like beams, columns, foundations, framings, annotations, truss families, and more are crucial components in any construction project. Paying careful attention to these details ensures the stability and safety of the structure. By utilizing advanced techniques and technologies in structural design and analysis, we can guarantee the utmost precision and efficiency in creating these essential building elements.
  • MEPFS, which encompasses various essential components such as electrical panels, junction boxes, ducting, pipe systems, air terminals, and fire sprinklers, plays a critical role in ensuring the efficient functioning of infrastructure. These elements are vital for the smooth operation of buildings and their systems.
  • Revit MEP design coordination plays a crucial role in identifying clashes within the Autodesk Navisworks software. By using this powerful combination, potential conflicts and inconsistencies can be detected early on in the design process. This not only saves time but also ensures a smoother workflow by allowing for prompt resolution of clashes before they become costly problems during construction. With Revit MEP and Autodesk Navisworks, you can have peace of mind knowing that your designs are thoroughly checked for any clashes, resulting in a more efficient and error-free project delivery.
  • Scan to BIM for Historical Monuments


Our track record speaks for itself: we have flawlessly handled extensive and intricate Scan to BIM projects involving historical structures and architectural marvels in need of restoration, renovation, or reconstruction. Our expertise lies in capturing even the smallest details such as curves, ornamental modeling, grooves, and more found on magnificent landmarks like churches, palaces, mosques, temples, museums, libraries – you name it. Trust us to preserve the essence and beauty of these timeless structures with minute precision.

Our Point Cloud Conversion Services have played a key role in transforming and revitalizing major infrastructure projects, from train stations to bridges, roads, and airports. Our expertise has been sought after by clients across the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, and Australia. We take pride in our rigorous quality checks that guarantee a flawless and fully compliant final BIM model. With us by your side, you can rest assured knowing that your project will be executed with precision and adherence to necessary codes.

  • Point Cloud to BIM Services for Residential and Commercial Projects

Our expertise lies in transforming point cloud data into highly detailed 3D models for various types of buildings, including residential and commercial structures such as hospitals, schools, resorts, and more. With our Scan to BIM Services, we ensure accurate BIM models are constructed, enabling the extraction of precise construction documents. Trust us to deliver the perfect solution for your renovation projects.

With our expertise in Point Cloud to BIM Services, we excel at delivering precise and accurate 3D BIM models tailored to your desired Level of Detail (LOD) ranging from LOD 100 to LOD 500. What sets us apart is our ability to create Revit models with exceptional clarity, even for confined spaces and intricate components that may not be easily captured in scans alone. To ensure flawless results, we combine our intuition with CAD drawings, 360 pictures, and videos as reference materials. Trust us to provide you with error-free and highly detailed BIM 3D models that meet your exact specifications.

Our cutting-edge Scan to BIM, Scan to Mesh, and Scan to CAD Services have been widely embraced by survey companies, general contractors, architectural firms, and government bodies alike. They have proven instrumental in the successful renovation, refurbishment, or retrofit of existing buildings. Our data-rich 3D models derived from accurate scans offer comprehensive insights into construction materials, manufacturer details, costs, and more. This invaluable information can be leveraged for meticulous as-built documentation and efficient facility management.

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