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7Solution India, we are proud to offer our valued clients professional and affordable column design services. Our team is dedicated to tailoring these services to meet the unique needs of our clients from around the world. By collaborating with seasoned architects and building professionals, we offer a column design solution that strikes the perfect balance between cost-efficiency and compliance with the latest building regulations.

Our skilled team of structural column designers at 7Solution India can seamlessly integrate with your architectural drawings. With expertise in all aspects of column design, our dedicated team of structural design experts ensures top-notch results. Rest assured, your project will be handled with precision and professionalism by our capable team.

At 7Solution India, we pride ourselves on our strong connections with the planning and construction industries. Over the years, we have fostered lasting relationships with several architects, draughtsman, and fabricators. These valuable partnerships enable us to provide unmatched expertise and resources for our clients’ projects.

Columns play a crucial role in the construction of buildings, especially in multi-storey and frame structures. They are built using durable materials such as steel bars and cement concrete, ensuring strength and stability. These columns bear the entire load of the building, allowing for flexible floor area and internal space adjustment as per the specific requirements of the project. Structural drawings are a valuable resource in construction projects as they provide essential information on the size, cement concrete ratio, and number of steel bars along with their diameter. These details are meticulously designed to ensure that the column can withstand the intended load and adhere to necessary safety factors. By following these specifications, builders can confidently construct strong and secure structures.

A column may be classified based on different criteria such as:

1. Based on shape

  • Rectangle
  • Square
  • Circular
  • Polygon

2. Based on slenderness ratio

  • Short column
  • Long column

3. Based on type of loading

  • Axially loaded column
  • A column subjected to axial load and uniaxial bending
  • A column subjected to axial load and biaxial bending

4. Based on pattern of lateral reinforcement

  • Tied columns
  • Spiral columns
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