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Structural Working Drawings Services

Working Drawings in USA, Structural Working Drawings Services USA
Structural Construction Working Drawings Services in USA

At 7Solution India, we take pride in being a leading provider of professional structural working drawing services. Our expertise lies in delivering cost-effective and highly accurate general working drawings to the construction industry.

Our dedicated team of structural engineers has a deep understanding of project specifications, ensuring that every detail is handled with utmost precision. For any construction project, it’s crucial to have the expertise of a structural firm that can handle the planning, drafting, design, and engineering aspects.

Our team of skilled structural engineers excels at managing even the most complex global projects effortlessly and efficiently. With a focus on delivering top-notch quality and exceeding customer expectations, we take pride in ensuring maximum satisfaction every step of the way. Each set of working drawings, particularly those with multiple sheets, is carefully organized. This deliberate arrangement reflects the draughtsman’s thoughtful decision to place specific information on one sheet and other relevant information on separate sheets. Such a meticulous approach ensures that all necessary details are appropriately conveyed and organized for optimal clarity and comprehension.

When it comes to drawings, it’s important to make sure they contain all the necessary information for a detailed estimate and future construction. By including every crucial detail, you can ensure a smooth and accurate preparation process. These comprehensive drawings will serve as your guide throughout the project’s development, giving you the confidence to build with precision and efficiency. The working drawings set is a comprehensive collection of detailed drawings that cover various disciplines. It includes core drawings, which are essential for the overall structure.

Structural engineering ensures that the building can withstand the loads it will experience. In addition, mechanical and electrical engineering play a crucial role in creating a habitable and functional space for occupants. The combination of these disciplines ensures a well-designed and safe environment for all.

Our team ensures that all drawings are meticulously prepared in strict adherence to the specific planning and building code requirements of your country. This attention to detail guarantees that your project is fully compliant with the regulations, providing you with peace of mind and a smooth development process.



A Structural Working Drawing includes:

·         Structural Steel Detailing Drawings

·         Precast Concrete Drawings

·         Structural Shop Drawings

·         Structural Foundation Plan Drawings

·         Structural Floor Framing Plans Drawings

·         Roof framing/Ceiling framing plan

·         Structural Beam, Column, Slab, Frame Drawings

·         Structural Lintel Drawings

·         Bar Bending Schedules Drawings

·         Concrete Masonry Detailing

·         Rebar Concrete Drawings

·         Details of connections, anchorage, framing, etc.


Our advanced technology enables us to efficiently and precisely cater to the unique needs of our clients worldwide. Utilizing the latest tools, we ensure that every detail is carefully attended to with speed and accuracy. At our company, we are dedicated to delivering top-notch structural working drawings to our valued customers all over the world. We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality at a fair and competitive price. Our priority is not only meeting your expectations but also providing you with a superior and enjoyable experience that will leave you completely satisfied.

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