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7Solution India Our unwavering dedication to supporting the global architectural, professional engineering, and contractor community demonstrates our commitment to providing top-notch slab design services.

We understand the unique requirements of these industries and strive to meet their needs with utmost professionalism and expertise. No matter the type of flooring system you need – residential, industrial, or commercial – we are well-versed in all of them.

Our expertise allows us to identify and recommend the most cost-effective solution tailored specifically to meet your unique requirements. Rest assured, we understand what it takes to deliver an economical and efficient slab design. When it comes to a one-way slab that has a significantly larger span in one direction, it can be assumed that the support is mainly along its longer sides. In this case, it can be designed as a beam spanning in the shorter direction. This design approach allows for efficient load distribution and structural integrity. To achieve this goal, a 1-ft width can be selected and the depth of the slab, as well as the necessary reinforcing, can be determined accordingly. In addition, steel is strategically placed in the long direction to effectively withstand temperature stresses and evenly distribute concentrated loads. Typically, the area of the steel should be at least 0.20% of the total concrete area for optimal performance.

A two-way slab refers to a reinforced concrete slab that is supported on all four sides and has reinforcing steel running perpendicular to each side. This type of slab is commonly designed using empirical methods, which have been proven effective over time. To facilitate the design process, a two-way slab is typically divided into strips for easier analysis and calculation.A flat plate or flat slab is a type of slab that is directly supported by columns, without the need for additional beams and girders. This design choice offers a more streamlined and simplified construction approach while maintaining structural integrity. Flat slabs, although thicker and more heavily reinforced than slabs in beam-and-girder construction, offer several advantages. Firstly, they do not obstruct the passage of light, allowing for better natural lighting. Additionally, they result in savings in story height and simplify the formwork involved. Lastly, flat slabs are less prone to collapse due to overload, providing increased safety.; Enhance the safety of your space with a reliable sprinkler system that guarantees effective fire protection. Unlike traditional setups, the spray from our modern sprinkler system is not obstructed by beams or other obstacles, ensuring optimal coverage and peace of mind. Rest assured that your property and everyone in it will be well-protected in case of any emergency.

At our company, we specialize in creating customized raft footing slabs for a wide range of applications. Our designs incorporate innovative concepts such as pier and edge-beam, waffle slab, or edge and intermediate beam, tailored to suit the specific soil conditions and comply with relevant residential footing design codes. Rest assured that our team will provide you with the most suitable and structurally sound solution for your project.

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Structural Slab Designs | Steel Structural Slab Designs Details
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